• Introduction to the Magnet School Concept
    (Written in 2010)

    At its April 2010 meeting, the District Five School Board approved the implementation of a magnet program at Abner Creek Elementary School.  We will build our magnet program with a focus on Communication and Leadership through the Arts.  We look forward to this exciting opportunity to begin our transition to Abner Creek Academy!


    Frequently Asked Questions:


    What is a magnet school?


    A magnet school has a specialized focus.  This focus often attracts students to the school from outside the school's normal attendance area.


    Who will attend the magnet school?


    All students zoned for Abner Creek Academy can attend simply by registering as normal.  A limited number of students outside our attendance area who are interested in the program will also be accepted through the District Five Limited School Choice policy.  ALL STUDENTS in the school will have opportunities to participate in specialized instruction.


    When will the magnet school concept begin?


    Abner Creek Academy will open for the 2010-2011 school year on August 16, 2010.


    What is the application process?


    Parents of District Five students who wish to enroll their child(ren) in the Academy should fill out the D5 School Choice Application found here.


    If my child already attends Abner Creek, do I need to apply to the Academy?


    No.  If your child is currently a student, you do not need to do anything further.



    How will the magnet concept affect my child's instruction in the core content areas?


    Abner Creek Academy will continue its tradition of quality instruction in the core subject areas of reading, math, science and social studies, using the South Carolina curriculum standards as a guide. 


    How will growth in enrollment impact class size?


    Class sizes will not increase above normal district averages.



    Why were communication and leadership chosen?


    We believe that the development of effective communication and leadership skills will help children become successful individuals.  Through the process of exploring possible magnet programs, our teams concluded that these were common threads in the programs that we felt were best suited for our students and our community.  We look forward to a three-year plan of implementation that will include infusing advanced speaking, writing, multimedia, and arts experiences into the curriculum while teaching leadership skills.


    What opportunities will my child have as a student at Abner Creek Academy?


    Over the next three years, our goal is to add the following:


    • Multi-media classes for grades 2 - 4 with introductory activities for K5 and first-grade students
    • Literary Arts classes for grades 2 - 4 
    • Creative movement infused into P.E. classes
    • Artists-in-Residence visits in all related arts classes
    • Community-wide exhibitions each quarter
    • Keyboarding added to music classes
    • Extra-curricular activities such as participating in a traveling honors chorus, a debate team, drama productions, and after-school classes
    • Partnerships with local leadership organizations


    Please welcome additional questions and/or suggestions from you!  You may contact us at 864-949-2334.