Glogster in Education 

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What is a Glog?


Poster Yourself!  Use glogster to create an interactive, online poster with animated graphics, images and sounds.   This can be used to present content to your class or to assess student learning.


Examples of SSymborski's glogs


Why use glogs?


Educational benefits of Glogster:



Sample student glogs from D.R. Hill Middle School and BFA

Elementary school level glogs scroll down for student landform glogs



Ideas for the classroom:

Ready to get started?  Let's go! At the top of the webpage, select Log in @ Glogster to enter your username (Nickname) and password.


To register for your own educator's account:

Go to . Click on the EDU BASIC link.

Complete the form using your work email. If you do not wish to put your real birthdate, you can set it for any date.

Watch for an email from Glogster approving your educator account.

The free educator's account will enable you to receive 50 student logins.  


How can I contact Glogster EDU?

Go to Glogster link (, login using your username and password:



2.  Select the button - Create a new Glog



Delete the elements on your glog, by clicking on them, and selecting the pink trash can icon.




 You may want to name your glog:




 Select the background (Glog Wall) and the border (Page Wall):





 Upload your saved images:



After uploading image(s), you can also choose a frame.  Once you have chosen the frame, select the pink Use It! button.



Select text to include words or phrases on your glog:



Once you select the Use It button, you can then edit the text, change the font color, move it, etc.




Select Sound on the black magnetic toolbar to upload music from the G drive on your computer:




Select the Player tab before clicking the Use It button.






Make sure to save your project as you are working and at the end of class:




When saving, you will want to leave as Unfinished until your glog is completed:






Steps for Creating Glog

Write down at least 5-7 ideas for pictures or images that relate to the book, characters, conflict, etc.

Write 5-7 words, phrases, vocabulary terms relating to events or characters in the book: for example: mountains, best friends, basketball, sword...  


2.  Begin searching for images.

Go to FlickrStorm

Type your topic or specific picture/image you are looking for in the search box. Click on advanced and the option Search creative commons photos


Additional Search Sites for pictures or images: - free for educational use, copy and paste bibliography for pictures
Pics4learning - free for educational use, copy and paste bibliography for pictures
DiscoverySchool's Clip Art Gallery
DK Clip art 

Copyright Free Image links


Music Files

Copyright Free MP3s

Once you have located images, make sure you save them to your folder and rename so you can identify- Save As...(Book Title)...Save As (Heart)





Create your own animated poster with Glogster!