*The following pathfinders and webquests were designed to support SC student learning standards.  Please let me know if I can make a webquest or pathfinder to help support your curriculum.

Teachers have my permission to use these for educational purposes.

Mrs. Symborski



Language Arts


King Arthur Webquest - Students will research the legend of King Arthur, the quest for the Holy Grail, and the Knights of the Round Table.  After conducting research, students will cooperatively produce a book on King Arthur for presentation.  This can be used as a project for Freak the Mighty.


The Giver Webquest - Based on Lois Lowry's The Giver, students will research cultures different from their own:  the Amish, the Hutterian Brethern, the Hasidic Jews, and the Sabbath Day Lake Shakers.  After determining which culture seems to be the most different in comparison to mainstream America, students will produce a pamphlet highlighting researched information about their chosen culture.  Students will also write a comparison/contrast paper comparing the society in The Giver to the culture they have chosen.


Poetry Webquest - Students work in teams of four to create a poetry mobile.


Holocaust Bibliography and Pathfinder - List of  Holocaust-related websites divided by topic.  Also includes media center resources 


Author Study - Jerry Spinelli - Information about the author, bibliography of sites, and lesson plans


Young Adult Author Research Powerpoint


Young Adult Author Research


Author Study - Charles Dickens - Bibliography of Internet resources


Google Earth Lit Trip - Based on The Brothers' War: Civil War Voices in Verse by J. Patrick Lewis (must have Google Earth installed in order to open this file)  

  Click on the icon to view the tour.


Introduction to Research


Learning Disabilities




Math/Literature Bibliography - Math-related literature in the media center for reading across the curriculum






Christmas Around the World

Primary Source Sites and MLA documentation of sources

Description of Big6 Research

Media Center resources on Big6 Research

Student Handout - Research

Questions on Media Center Big6 video

Website Evaluation Sites

Additional Sites to Evaluate

Keyword Search Powerpoint and Web Evaluation

Unsolved Mysteries Research PPT. using Big Six Model

Introduction to Research

Search Engines


Social Studies

Civil Rights Research


American Indians Pathfinder  - Includes websites on American Indians and a list of sources located in our media center


National History Day Powerpoint - Overview of National History Day - Includes explanation of primary and secondary sources.


National History Day Powerpoint Handout - Student handout - questions on National History Day Powerpoint


History Makers - Biographical information highlighting historical achievement




Biomes Pathfinder - Biomes websites and a bibliography of D.R. Hill media center sources


Stress-Related Diseases - Pathfinder for media center sources on stress-related illnesses and a bibliography of websites




World Theatre Research



Foreign Languages


El Dia de los Muertas - Students will research El Dia de los Muertas, or the Mexican holiday - The Day of the Dead.  After learning about the historical influences, culture, food/music, and events associated with this honorable holiday, students will cooperatively create a book based on their findings.


Guidance - Resources for guidance counselors located in the media center