Teaching Research



Introduction to Research

Getting Started   - Presentation

Planning Sheet - Identify sources, list teacher's requirements, select topic



Big6 Research Model

Big6 Research Model - 

Description of Big6 Research

Media Center resources on Big6 Research

Student Handout - Research

Questions on Media Center Big6 video

Big6 Handout - Using Information Model in Real Life Context


Using Electronic Resources Effectively and Evaluating Websites


Keyword Search Powerpoint and Web Evaluation

Activity - Cybersmart Keyword Searching

Keyword Search Activity - http://cybersmartcurriculum.org/assets/files/activitysheets/6-8/Smart_Keyword_Searching.pdf

Making Search Decisions - http://cybersmartcurriculum.org/assets/files/activitysheets/6-8/Making_Search_Decisions.pdf

Evaluating Websites - 

Website Evaluation Sites

Additional Sites to Evaluate

Why use Discus?  Discus for Research

Primary Source Sites and MLA documentation of sources

Source Citation

Citation Guide Handout

Work Cited Practice

Citation Guide

Taking Notes

Note Taking Practice Handout

Notes from Online Source

Pre-Research - Questions

Important Details

Notes from print sources

Summarize Notes

Sites for Middle School Students - Research Links

Homework Help, Reference Source - http://www.kidinfo.com/School_Subjects.html

Yahooligans - http://kids.yahoo.com/

KidsClick - http://www.kidsclick.org/

Kids and Teens Search engine - http://www.dmoz.org/Kids_and_Teens/

Kids Metasearch engine - http://ithaki.net/kids/

Kids World - http://www.northvalley.net/kids/index.shtml

Cybersleuth for Kids - http://cybersleuth-kids.com/

Virtual Middle School Library - http://www.sldirectory.com/studf/cool.html

Multimedia Search Engines - http://searchenginewatch.com/2156251