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  • Welcome to a new school year.  Given the current situation, the physical library space will be closed to students.  However, the students will still be receiving library services this year!



                We have hundreds of eBooks and Audiobooks available 24/7 through our Destiny Discover portal.  Students can access all of these resources through their Clever login.  Many of the books can be downloaded to devices to use when Wi-Fi is not available.


    Library Checkouts

                Students will be able to check out two books at a time for two weeks.  Mrs. Barker will be using a Library2Go cart to take books to classrooms for checkouts.  Based on the latest research, the CDC and American Library Association are recommending that materials be quarantined for 4 days once they are returned.  We will be using special containers to receive and quarantine returned books until they can be safely returned to the library collection.


    Library Lessons in Classrooms

                Students will receive lessons with Mrs. Barker in their own classrooms on a weekly basis as part of the Related Arts schedule. 


    Molly Barker, MLIS Molly.Barker@spart5.net

    Candie Knight, Media Assistant