Spartanburg District Five COVID-19 ReportingIn Spartanburg District Five, the safety of our students and staff will always be our top priority.  In an effort to keep our parents, staff, and district community fully informed, District Five will update active positive cases of COVID-19 within our schools, and district, on a weekly basis.  The information below tracks "active positive cases" within our schools and District as a whole.

    DHEC, in conjunction with District Five, will follow up with each positive case (whether student or staff) and conduct contact tracing to provide specific information to indidviduals determined to be "close contacts" of the infected person.  According to DHEC, a "close contact" is someone who has been within 6 feet of a COVID-19 positive person for 15 minutes or more.  If you are not contacted by DHEC or the school district, it has been determined you are not a close contact.  This reporting will begin when school starts on August 17, and will be updated daily for that week.  A new week will be posted each Monday.

    (*It's important to note that each positive case will be removed from the total count after 10 days, the DHEC mandated quartantine period for active COVID-19 positive cases*)

COVID-19 Active Positive Cases: Sept 19 - Sept 25