The 2020-2021 school year has been one that has shown how our Rebel Family has been resilient, compassionate, and resourceful to our students, families, and community.   Our district/school is helping all students develop the World Class Skills of the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate by teaching rigorous standards in all content areas, promoting creativity and innovation, working collaboratively, instilling work ethic, integrity, self-direction, and developing interpersonal skills. 

    BFA’s primary goal is to create a strong, continuous foundation for student achievement and development through graduation.  Our Academy instructed 500 students in person this year and over 200 students virtually.  Despite the ever changing conditions during the pandemic such as all virtual courses, A/B hybrid schedules, and regular schedules, our teachers continually worked to provide differentiated instruction to ensure strong academic outcomes for our students.  Our teachers strived to keep students academically engaged while at the same time minimizing home and health concerns, such as sickness or quarantines, during the pandemic.  

    BFA developed a program entitled Academic Recapture to assist students who were struggling with constantly changing learning schedules.  Teachers provided free academic tutoring every Tuesday and Thursday for an hour and a half after school.  Multiple Saturdays were used to provide additional assistance to students throughout both semesters.  Students were able to use Academic Recapture to gain free tutoring and make up work that was either missed or unsatisfactory due to changes with the pandemic.  

    Our CDF (Career Development Facilitator) came up with creative ways to keep our students engaged in career paths and opportunities.  Virtual classrooms, interest assessment, and a virtual career fair were methods created to peak student interests.  Virtual speakers were able to interact with students about careers in law, public safety, and manufacturing.      

    In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, BFA and District Five Schools made sure that every student had a laptop and access to free Wi-Fi.  Teachers used Schoology, Zoom, Google drive, APEX, and other interactive ways to teach and assist students.  Plexiglas was installed in every classroom to prevent sickness among students and faculty.  Access to more mental health counselors and programs such as MTSS, SEL, Character Strong, Neptune Navigate, and Panorama provided strategies and support for our students. 

    Additional programs such as Athletics, Chorus, Band, Colorguard, Orchestra, and Drama provided much needed outlets for our students.  Our coaches and instructors followed DHEC protocols to ensure the safety of all participants and were able to complete all seasons and competitions.  Finally, our students and staff continued to support our local community through initiatives such as March of Dimes, canned food drives, and Relay for Life.  BFA was the top earning Freshman Academy in Spartanburg County. 

    The faculty and staff of BFA are extremely proud of our many successes.  We are committed to continuous improvement from within to make our students life-long learners and productive members in a global society.  Our focus will continue to be “every child, every day”.


    Neel Edwards, Principal and Alan Gibson, SIC Chairman