Only a parent or legal guardian can enroll a student. A legal guardian must present official court documents showing that they have custody.

     Both the parent/legal guardian and the student must meet with the guidance department to register and to determine the student’s classes. All enrollment requirements must be met before a student can be enrolled.


     Enrollment Requirements

     The student must reside with a parent who is a resident of School District Five.  At the time of enrollment, the student must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian. (A legal guardian must present official custody papers at the time of enrollment.)**

    Residency must be verified by one of the following:
    Current utility receipt (water, power, or gas)
    Lease agreement
    Official contract to purchase home
    Property tax receipt (not a vehicle deed)

    The student must also provide the following official documents:
    ·         Withdrawal/release form from previous school

    ·         Proof of residence (described above)*

    ·         Copy of birth certificate

    ·         Copy of immunization records

    ·         Copy of last (most current) report card

    ·        Proof of custody (if applicable)**


    *If the parent and student (must be both) live with someone else and the bills are in that individual’s name, then that person must come in and sign a proof of residence and it must be notarized by school personnel only. That person must then provide an acceptable proof of residence (above list) in their name.


    **If the parents are separated, divorced or have never been married and there are court papers stating custody, it is optional but advised that the parent/legal guardian to place a copy in the student’s permanent record.


    If a custody change is in progress, we will need a letter from the attorney stating that a custody change is being processed through the court and that a copy of the new custody papers will be forwarded to James F. Byrnes Freshman Academy as soon as it is complete and signed by the judge. The copy must be on file within a reasonable time.