• Palmetto Awards
    Duncan Elementary School is one of a select group of 211 schools (out of a total of 1,219 schools in the whole state) to be recognized both for General Performance (Silver Award) and Closing the Achievement Gap (Silver Award) as determined by PASS scores.

    Winning schools are those with high scores on annual report cards.

    For elementary and middle schools, ratings are determined by PASS scores.

    Schools are also rewarded for steady growth over at least two consecutive years.

    In its 10th year, the Palmetto Gold and Palmetto Silver awards program was created for schools attaining high levels of absolute performance, high rates of growth and substantial progress in closing achievement gaps between groups of students.

    General Performance Awards -- Silver

    Overall performance of students as determined by PASS scores.

    Closing the Achievement Gap Awards-Silver

    Schools received closing the achievement gap awards based on academic gains made by students who fall into four subgroups -- African American students, Hispanic students, students participating in federal free- or reduced-price lunch programs and students with non-speech disabilities.