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What is D5Live?

  • 1:1 D5Live is District Five's one-to-one initiative, aiming to put one device in the hands of every student.  The program is designed to transform teaching and learning, both inside and outside, the classroom.  As part of the program, District Five is equipping all students with a Dell Touch laptop, first starting with grades 3-8 in the 2016-17 school year, and continuing with 9th-12th grade students in 2017-18.
    We believe all students should be armed with 21st century skills, like critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity, that will prepare them for success in the workforce.  That is exactly what D5Live will do:  giving students a powerful tool that will increase engagement and excitement for learning, while providing them access to a vast global network of information online.


  • 1:1 In February of 2014, District Five Schools held its first ever "Visioning Day" with our students, parents, administrators, Board of Trustees, and community members.  The purpose of this event was to ask one simple question:  what should a 21st century education look like?  The results led our District on an exciting new path, where technology would be at the forefront of every classroom.  From this, the District soon embarked on a 5 year plan, committing that all 3rd through 12th grade classrooms in District Five would be completely one-to-one by the 2017-18 school year.

Who Does It Serve?

  • student All District Five students will benefit from the D5Live initiative.  Beginning in 2016-17, the program will roll out to students in grades 3-8, equipping each student with their own laptop.  The program will extend to the high school level in 2017-18, giving all 9th-12th grade students a laptop during that school year.

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Last Modified on July 11, 2017