The Daily Routine– La Rutina Diaria

    Students will:

    • Talk about their daily activities
    • Describe family relationships and individual roles in daily living
    • Describe and discuss housing conditions in various Spanish-speaking countries
    • Talk about past activities
    • Talk about childhood memories
    • Describe steps in creating meals and interpret authentic recipes

    Unidad 1

    • verbs like gustar
    • present tense review
      • regular verbs
      • irregular verbs
      • irregular in the “yo”
      • stem-changing
      • saber / conocer
      • ser / estar
      • reflexives
    • vocabulary: house, family, chores and associated verbs
    • comparative adjectives of equality and inequality
    • superlatives adjectives
    • grammar points: prepositions of place

    End of Nine Weeks:

    Unidad 2.1

    vocabulary: camping & nature

    • grammar points: regular & irregular preterit
    • grammar points: direct & indirect object pronouns, double objects
    • vocabulary: family relationships & the beach
    • grammar points: imperfect
    • preterit v. imperfect

    Mid-term Exam   (Interpretive/Interpersonal/ Presentational)


    Media and the Concept of Style and Beauty

    Students will:

    • ask for and exchange recipe information
    • give directions for cooking
    • describe personal habits related to teenage life including dress and style
    • express opinions about social interests

    Unidad 3.1

    • vocabulary: foods and stores in the city
    • grammar points: commands: Tú, Ud. & Uds and commands with pronouns attached (emphasis on Tú commands)

    Unidad 3.2

    • vocabulary: social awareness, requests & recommendations / clothing & materials
    • vocabulary: describing others, review clothing, descriptions, professions, expressing positive and negative emotions

    The Environment and Us –

    Students will:

    • Use proper vocabulary to run errands
    • Talk about going to and from places
    • Discuss how their daily actions effect the environment
    • Express what they will do in the future to protect the environment
    • Express what they would do in light of certain environmental issues

    Unidad 4.1

    • vocabulary: environmental concerns and volunteering / green-living
    • grammar points: future tense & por v. para, conditional tense, review subjunctive

    Challenges of the Modern World

    Students will:

    • talk about challenges they have seen in the world
    • discuss what problems had occurred in the world before they were born
    • talk about what they would have done differently
    • discuss what they will have done by the end of school

    Unit 4.2

    • vocabulary: health and hunger, challenges in the world
    • grammar points: present perfect, past perfect, future perfect, conditional perfect


     NOTE:  Spanish 3 Honors will add the following points:
    1.  present subjunctive with doubt and emotion, as well as impersonal expressions to create and respond to personal ads
    2. Reading, discussing and testing of "El Quijote" novel.
     Credit to:RTurner for outline

    Note:  All topics of instruction and order will be subject to change at any time.