• Biology I

    A basic understanding of living organisms is essential for any high school student.  That is what we will be studying this semester in Applied Biology 2.  We begin the semester by looking at the big picture - ecology, or the study of how organisms interact within the environment.  Energy is vital for the survival of any organism, so we will spend some time learning how plants and animals obtain energy.We then narrow down the study to cells - the basic units of living things.  Our study will include the structure and function of cells, how they transport materials into and out of the cell, and how they reproduce.    We will then look into the field of genetics and study how traits are passed from generation to generation.  We will wrap up the semester by once again looking at the big picture by studying evolution - how organisms have adapted over time.
    Every student in South Carolina is required to take the Biology End of Course Exam by the end of their 10th grade year.  This test must count 20% of the student's grade, and it will be administered in the second week of December or the third week in May.  Everything we do this semester will be with the purpose of helping the students to be successful on this test.