• Sexual Harassment
    Sexual Harassment is a form of discrimination prohibited by federal and state laws. Consistent with these laws, it is the policy of Spartanburg County School District Five that sexual harassment of students is prohibited. Any student who feels he or she has been subjected to sexual or other harassment or the parent of a student who feels that his or her child has been subjected to harassment, is encouraged to contact the school or district administration immediately.
    Bullying is a form of harassment and is defined as “The repeated intimidation of others by the real or threatened infliction of physical, verbal, written, electronically transmitted, or emotional abuse, or through attacks on the property of another. It may include, but not limited to, actions such as verbal put-downs, extortion of money or possessions, and exclusions from peer groups within the school.” Such conduct is disruptive to the educational process and is not acceptable behavior and is prohibited. Students who engage in any act of bullying
    while at school, at any school function, in connection to or with any District-sponsored activity or event, or while en route to or from school are subject to disciplinary action up to and including suspension or expulsion.
    The district prohibits hazing by students, staff and third parties as a part of any school-sponsored activity. All students and employees must avoid any action that could be viewed as planning, directing, encouraging, assisting or engaging in any hazing activity. Further, no administrator, coach, sponsor, volunteer or district employee will permit, condone or tolerate any form of hazing.
    For purposes of this policy, state law defines hazing as “the wrongful striking, laying open hand upon, threatening with violence or offering to do bodily harm by a subordinate student with intent to punish or injure the subordinate student, or other unauthorized treatment by the superior student of a subordinate student of a tyrannical, abusive, shameful, insulting, or humiliating nature
    Any hazing activity, whether by an individual or a group, will be presumed to be a forced activity, even if a student willingly participates.
    Any student who feels he/she has been subjected to hazing is encouraged to file a complaint in accordance with policy JII. All complaints will be investigated promptly and confidentially. The district prohibits retaliation or reprisal in any form against a student who has filed a complaint of hazing.
    Any student or employee who is found to have engaged in hazing will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination in the case on a employee or expulsion in case of a student. Individuals may also be referred to law enforcement officials. The district will take all other appropriate steps to correct or rectify the situation.