• What do you most like about the Thinkank?

    "I liked it when we talked about the STEM projects with a parachute. We made a parachute." Blade
    "We went down to Wellford Baptist Church and went to the gym there and dropped parachutes off the balcony. We were testing which material would drop down slowly and land safely." Reagan  
    "We had to make our own fossils. We were talking about rocks and other matter." Madilyn


    "I like it when we do experiments to find out answers...when Mrs. Carson sends us home with missions and questions...when we get to observe the animals." Jessie  
    "The best part about Science Lab is that you can make cool projects like what is going to be the best insulator for a cup." Danil
    "My favorite part is when we got to make Alka Seltzer rockets in STEM class." Sarah
    "I liked it when we made butter from cream and salt. I like it when we melted chocolate. It looked like igneous rocks." Michael
    "My favorite activity is when we made ornaments, and when we made fossils!" Kiersten  
    "I like it when we used the hair dryer to see how many minutes it will take to dry a wet paper towel." Lakia
     "I liked it when we made a model of Earth out of clay." Daniel B.
    "I liked it when we looked at the bearded dragon, and I learned about reptiles meeting their needs." Cameron
    "I loved when we did the bubble experiment where we saw who could blow the biggest bubble. We put straws in a bubble to make it bigger." Royce
    "I loved it when we had to put water on a dime, penny, and nickel to see who much each coin could hold." Fredreyuna
    "I liked it when we made butter and turned a liquid into a solid." Chris S.
    "I enjoyed it when we had extra labs. We got to do experiments, and I love experiments. We made stuff to test like a boat, a car, an insulator,  and many more things. The catch was that we only had a certain amount of supplies." Megan G.
    "I liked it when we made a habitat for different types of insects to see what insects can live in what habitat." Isabella C.
    "I liked it when we planted seeds. From that I learned about the plant life cycle." Megan T.
    "The best thing we did was look at the animals. We learned that animals can be vertebrates or invertebrates." Kenneth D.
    "The best things about science lab are when we put a drip of water on a napkin and got a hair dryer and put cold air on it. It did not dry fast, but when we did the hot air, it dried faster." Aaron