• Food Allergies

    Having a food allergy can be a serious health concern.  Many parents report food allergies and often have to provide life saving medications to the school.  The most common food culprits are peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish.  Fish and shellfish may be easily avoided in our schools but the peanut/tree nut products can be a little more challenging.  Parents whose children experience food allergies know the products their children need to avoid.  Most students who experience food allergies are knowledgeable about food sensitivities and foods they need to avoid.
    Please be aware when sending foods in that many of our children do have food allergies.  Reading the labels of food packages and ingredient lists provide a breakdown of products used.  Many food products are produced in facilities that manufacture other food products made with peanuts and or tree nuts.  Most often we see these ingredients in baked goods, cookies, and candy.
    We want to keep all of our children happy, healthy, and safe at Reidville Elementary!