• SCOIS InterestInventory

    interest inventory

    • In the sixth grade students begin exploring their interests and abilities by using an interest inventory called South Carolina Occupational Information Systems (SCOIS). SCOIS is also used in the eighth, tenth, and twelfth grades.
    • This inventory allows students to analyze themselves and to discover areas of interest and personal abilities that may help them choose a major in high school and college as well as make a wise career choice in the future.


    • The SCOIS online interest inventory is easy to navigate. Students log in using their SUNS number as their username and password. Students are then able to take a number of interest inventories and research many career clusters and jobs.
    • SCOIS information is used to help students, parents, and guidance counselors make informed decisions when completing their Individual Graduation Plan (IGP)  at the end of eighth grade.
    • Students are able to save and store their personal information in their SCOIS portfolios.
    • Students are able to plan the courses they want or need to take in order to meet education and career goals.
    • Students can use their education and work history component of SCOIS in completing scholarships, jobs, and applications for college.
    • Resumes may also be generated directly from the CIS SCOIS system.
    Holland Assessment
       Eighth grade students also take the paper based Holland Assessment which also assists in the decisions of future career choices.
    Learning Styles and Personality Assessments will also be given