• Shadowing

    Students, this may be the driving force to jump-start your future!!!
    Shadowing was implemented in 1994 to meet the standards for the S-T-W Act. It was designed to help students connect their academics with the work place. We like to get students to review  career assessments that they have had over the years in each grade or have some idea of what career fields they would like to pursue. Then a site is assigned in order that they may go and be able to actually observe for a half or whole day. This allows students to have the opportunity to ask questions and see first hand what goes on during a routine day. This day out of school counts as school business as long as the student brings a thank you card to be mailed to the business and the evaluation form back that we keep on file. Many students have found that this program is an essential part of their scheduling process. Once they see what subjects are needed for them to obtain their career goals, they use this information to make better course selections.
    Students in grades nine, are set up by Byrnes Freshman Academy.  Tenth through twelve may participate by contacting the Career Specialist at Byrnes High School.  This is truly a great opportunity for students.  Please keep in mind that there are times when students may not be able to shadow their career choice due to it not being available in our area, or companies not having persons to interact with the students.