All Into Reading!

    Ask your teachers to schedule class visits to check out reading material for A.I.R. time (our Sustained Silent Reading program at Byrnes). Every day students in different classes read at the direction of their teacher. Get caught reading!
    Mondays - Math; Tuesdays - English; Wednesdays - Science; Thursdays - Electives; Fridays - Social Studies
     Reading Programs 
    Wondering what's available online? We've had MackinVIA in place for several years now, so no worries! Our eBook and digital audiobook collection is ALWAYS available! Open Launch Pad, then open the Mackin app. You can also download the free Mackin app to any type of device or phone. Just enter our school name and your school Gmail information to get started. We have over 900 ebooks and audiobooks now, plus over 70 databases! 
    Need ideas for what to read? Check out our website! Books You Must Read showcases popular titles in a variety of genres.

    Real Rebels Read Contest 2021-2022
    Earn a prepaid Visa card for telling us about what you're reading here in the library's annual reading competition for all students.


    South Carolina Young Adult Book Award Nominees 2021 - 2022
    To be eligible to vote for a statewide winner, students are invited to read three of the South Carolina Young Adult Book Award nominee titles for this school year. Each year the list includes titles from a variety of genres. 
    Read three and vote! Voters celebrate in April during School Library Month. 

    Page last updated: 08/31/2021