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    Students are encouraged to read for pleasure.  In fact, it's in the English Language Arts standards* from 10th through 12th grade.  Use the links below to search for the perfect book to read.  Please note that each category provides different ways to find a book.

    Read alikes
    The links with directions below will help you select a new book to read based on books that you have enjoyed reading in the past.
    A book and author exploration database that is provided by the State of South Carolina through the DISCUS platform.   
    Book lists
    The links below will help you select a new book to read based on lists of recommended titles or award winners.
    Books in this list invite readers to explore new ideas in a variety of disciplines. This is a good place to begin an independent reading plan. Whether you're going to college or not, the titles here offer lifelong reading enjoyment.

    Printz Award

    Named for a Kansas school librarian, the Printz award recognizes excellence in young adult literature.
    After reading hundreds of books published recently in the field of adolescent literature, a committee of students, librarians, teachers, and parents in our state compiles a list of 20 titles for teens from a variety of genres. High school students who read three of the twenty books are invited to vote on their favorite. Get more information here.
    Visit this site to see the books that teens voted for the 2021 top 10 list! 
    The ultimate book-lover's website! Create a free account to create to-read lists, check off all the books you have read, read reviews, publish your own reviews, add friends, and join discussion groups!
    (Young Adult Library Services Association) Watch awesome book trailers on this website, get information about contests, and much more! 
    Want to read or listen to books on your phone or any other mobile device? Watch our short videos by clicking on the link above and get started! We have over 450 eBooks and audiobooks just waiting for you!
     free book finder app!
    *ELA Standard 13 (English 1-4): Read independently and comprehend a variety of texts for the purposes of reading for enjoyment, acquiring new learning, and building stamina; reflect on and respond to increasingly complex text over time. (13.1 Engage in whole and small group reading with purpose and understanding. 13.2 Read independently for sustained periods of time to build stamina. 13.3 Read and respond to grade level text to become self-directed, critical readers and thinkers.)