• Making the grade in Biology

     The following tips can improve you grade not only in Biology, but your other courses as well. 
    1. Review your class notes the same day you take them.  If you have questions, or don't understand something.  Ask about it the next day.   

    2. Make and use a vocabulary flashcards.  It is importantl you learn new vocabulary words.  There are a lot of websites that make notecards for you.   

    3. Do all of your homework. 

    4. Keep your handouts, lecture notes, labs, and study questions organized in a notebook.  It is best to keep it organized by units of study.

    5. Always read assigned material.  If possible read the chapters in the book for the next unit.  Stay ahead.  It makes the lectures easier to follow. 

    6. Pay attention in class.

    7. Study daily.

    8. Study with friends.  Make up possible short answer questions for the test.  Give the test to each other.

    9. Don't forget to study figures and diagrams from lecture and from your text.

    10. If you are having trouble with the material, get help early.  Do not wait until TEST DAY!!