• What We Do In ESOL 

    Beginning ESOL:  

    In addition to support in core subjects and developing test taking strategies, beginning ESOL students will work on the following objectives:

    ·         Learn basic survival vocabulary including school items, places, people, commands, colors, numbers, family, body parts, clothing, time, etc.

    ·         Following directions

    ·         Asking and answering questions

    ·         Understanding, reading, and writing simple words and sentences

    ·         Comprehending and retelling simple stories
    ·         Developing familiarity with American culture, customs and holidays


    Intermediate—Advanced ESOL:

    Intermediate to Advanced ESOL students will continue to develop test taking strategies while working on the following objectives:

    ·         Vocabulary building through the content area subjects

    ·         Prefixes and suffixes

    ·         Parts of speech

    ·         Contractions

    ·         Classification

    ·         Compare and contrast

    ·         Idioms

    ·         Sequences

    ·         Charting and graphing

    ·         Sequencing

    ·         Dictionary Skills

    ·         Syllables

    ·         Punctuation, capitalization, and spelling

    ·         Comprehension and writing of sentences, paragraphs, and stories

    ·         Reading and responding to a variety of genres
    ·         Writing, writing, writing