• All About Me


    In 2010, I became a Nationally Board Certified teacher.  In 2008 I received a Master's degree in the field of Learning Disabilities, and in 2001 I graduated from Furman University with a Bachelor's of Science in psychology. During my time at Furman I studied biopsychology, learning theory, psychopharmacology, human growth and development, behavior disorders, introductory counseling, social psychology, social problems, philosophies of education, educating the exceptional child and the anatomy, physiology and functioning of the brain. (Ask me about a neuron - I could talk for hours. I can even provide diagrams.) I also had the privilege of interning or volunteering at Marshall Pickens Children's Program, Beck Academy's Class for students with emotional disabilities, Northwest Crescent Center's child care program for ESL and GED students, Serenity Place, Safe Harbor and The Mental Health Association of Greenville County. In addition, I have 7 years of experience as an Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapist for children with autism. 


    Prior to this year I've been teaching for ten and a half years. I am certified in the areas of emotional disabilities and learning disabilities.  However, I am also experienced in the areas of mental disabilities, other health impairments and autism. For specifics relating to my teaching experience and related experiences please visit the link that will lead you to my resume.


    I am currently certified and considered highly qualified in the special education areas of emotional disabilities and learning disabilities.


    I am married and am thoroughly enjoying the everyday fun of raising our five year old son, Noah and infant daughter, Sadie Mae.  My other "children" include- Oliver, an 11 year old, part Australian Sheppard/part Husky, Maggie, a very opinionated cat who, unlike me, is a morning "person" and Tobey, the most laid back cat I've ever met.

    Two things I enjoy doing with my limited free time are reading and traveling. I am currently re-reading the novels of Pat Conroy, a South Carolina native and beginning Anna Karenina, a Tolstoy classic. I am always open to suggestions for reading material so feel free to email your picks.

    I feel some of the most valuable lessons I've learned have been from my travels. I have been fortunate enough to visit the following countries - South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Swaziland, France, England, Jamaica, Mexico, The Virgin Islands, The Bahamas, The Grand Cayman Islands and Australia. Europe is on the agenda for this summer. As for states I've enjoyed my visits to Arizona, California, Colorodo, Montana, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Louisiana, New York, Maryland, Alabama, Tennessee, Massachussets, Virginia, Hawaii and Washington D.C. I have pictures and artifacts from many of the places I've been, and I enjoy sharing these with my students.