• German Course Descriptions

    German 1
    Students will develop basic skills for communicating in German:  Listening, reading, writing, and speaking.  The focus will be on vocabulary acquisition and learning the basics of German grammar and sentence structure.  Among other things pictures, role playing, word activities, and videos are used to develop this focus. Students are also introduced to the culture of the German-speaking countries.

    German 2
    Prerequisite:  German 1, Foreign Language teacher recommendation.

    This level continues the skill development begun in German I.  Vocabulary and grammar are expanded so that students can further develop their conversational and reading skills. Students continue to gain knowledge and understanding of the German culture as well as the geography of the German-speaking countries.    

    German 3 Honors
    Prerequisite:  German 2, Foreign Language teacher recommendation.

    In German 3 Honors students increase their reading and writing skills while continuing to improve their speaking and listening skills. Knowledge of German grammar is honed and vocabulary acquisition continued. Students learn to exchange information in German with accuracy and within an authentic cultural context.

     German 4 Honors 
    Prerequisite:  German 3 Honors, Foreign Language teacher recommendation.

    In level 4, students will make use of more sophisticated grammar structures and read selections from German literature. The emphasis will be on more complex sentence structure and additional verb tenses. Students continue to hone their speaking skills and gain further ability in expressing themselves in a variety of situations. Students will be expected to demonstrate oral and written proficiency.