• French Honor Society

    The Société Honoraire de Français,
    an honor society sponsored by the
    American Association of Teachers of French,
    recognizes high achievement in French
    at the secondary level.

    Membership shall be based on scholarship in general and scholarship in French in particular, leadership in French activities, and interest in French, either as an individual or in a group.

    Candidates must be enrolled in their fourth semester of French. If a student has had 2 levels of study, he may have an "A" in all levels or 2 "A's" and a B, plus a GPA of 3.7 or better.

    Membership is restricted to those actively engaged in the study of French in a secondary school.

    Transfer students must have spent at least one full semester in the high school before becoming eligible.

    Selection of candidates shall take place at any time during the academic year, so long as all requirements have been met.
    2007-2008 Inductees