• Requirements for Enrollment in
    the James F. Byrnes Freshman Academy

    (District Requirements)

    A parent or legal guardian must make an appointment to register a student. Both parent and student must be present for the appointment. 

    1. The student must reside with a parent who is a resident of School District Five. (Legal guardians must present official custody papers at the time of enrollment.)* If the parent and the student are living with a relative in the district, that person must come to the appointment to sign an affidavit of shared residency and provide the verification (see #2 below).

    2. Residency must be verified by one of the following: 

    • Current utility bill/receipt (water or electric, not Charter. Verizon, etc.) 
    • Property Tax receipt (not vehicle) 
    • Lease which can be verified by phone 
    • Realtor contract to purchase home 
    • Rental receipt which can be verified by phone 

    1. The student must provide the following official documents: 

    • Birth Certificate 
    • Social Security Card/number (if available) 
    • Immunization (shot) records 
    • School release/withdrawal form (or letter) from school student is leaving
    • Transcript of credits earned
    • If previous school will not release records, call our guidance office (864-949-2320) to speak with a counselor in order for us to request records before your appointment. Records from the previous school are necessary for accurate and complete registration of a student. 

    NOTE: If a custody change is in progress, we will need a letter from the attorney stating that a custody change is being processed through the court and that a copy of the new custody papers will be forwarded to The James F. Byrnes Freshman Academy as soon as it is complete and signed by a judge. The copy must be on file within a reasonable time.