• Mission Statement:
    The mission of the James F. Byrnes Freshman Academy is to provide the fundamental steps for successful transition into high school and encourage life-long learning by maximizing student potential through a variety of educational and social opportunities to meet the needs of all students presented in a culturally positive, emotionally safe, and physically secure environment.

    Statement of Beliefs:

    We must educate all students because education is necessary for personal success and healthy development;

    Learning must be rigorous, relevant, and life-long;

    We can empower all students to take an active role in a personalized learning experience while holding students accountable for their choices, actions, and learning;

    Career education leads to motivated, productive individuals;

    Positive attitudes are contagious;

    The freshman academy is an essential step to the successful completion of high school;

    Small learning communities create an environment that fosters school pride, loyalty, and ownership;

    Parents and the community must be involved in the educational process;

    The personal character and social development of students can and must be fostered at school;

    People learn in a variety of ways recognizing that there are multiple intelligences; and

    Diversity with teamwork creates and strengthens a healthy community.

    We envision a successful student career at the James F. Byrnes Freshman Academy will:

    • Promote academic excellence and personal achievement through a challenging curriculum and character development;
    • Create a positive culture and a safe and secure environment;
    • Provide superior educational opportunities that will maximize student potential;
    • Prepare students to successfully transition to tenth grade by maintaining a close connection with the spirit and activities at the senior high school;
    • Prepare students to make informed decisions about career opportunities by exposing them to a variety of college and career pathways;
    • Establish a sense of pride about self, others and community; and
    • Prepare students to be lifelong learners who demonstrate good citizenship.