District 5 Schools of Spartanburg County

    Professional Development Plan

    Certified staff are required by law to obtain 44 professionaldevelopment hours per year ( State’s EducationAccountability Act Section 59-18-1930 of the 1976 Code, as added by Act 400 of 1998). Certified staff can earnprofessional development credits through workshops and training attended outside of the contracted school day.Credits can be redeemed for specified release days.


    Professional Development Hours are earned at the school level.

    • Principals are required to submit a school level professional development plan to the superintendent each year.
    • To accumulate the required 44 hours, each school has developed a school wide plan.
    • All certified staff will be required to attend all professional development activities as designated by the principal.
    • No year-to-year carryover of hours will be allowed.
    • Professional development hours will be documented in half-hour increments.



    5 staff development days

    37 hours

    19 hours of staff development required by individual schools usually on Wednesday or through grade/department level meetings

    19 hours


    44 hours

    Professional Development Credits are optional “extra” credits awarded to teachers who participate in professionalactivities outside their contracted school day.

    • Credits are earned by teachers to reward them for their participation in professional activities beyond their contracted day.
    • Professional development credits may be earnedbeginning the first day of summer break through the last day of the next school year.
    • Each school’s professional development person will ask for documentation of professional credits earned during the summer, fall and spring.
    • No semester carryover of credits will be allowed.
    • Professional credits will be documented either as 2.5credits (1/2 day workshop), or 5 credits (whole dayworkshop), .5 credit = 1 hour

    Teachers providing professional service during school hours are accumulating professional development credits. Forexample; mentoring, supervising a student teacher, leading a workshop, leading a committee.

    Sample Credit Opportunities:

    • 5 credits will be earned by a teacher in August who will be mentoring an induction practicum teacher that school year.
    • 5 credits will be earned by a teacher in August who supervises a student teacher first semester.
    • 5 credits will be earned by a teacher in January who supervises a student teacher second semester.
    • 5 credits 1st semester for attending a 1 day summer workshop
    • 2.5 credits 1st semester for attending a ½ day summer workshop
    • 5 credits for presenting at a conference or workshop, if not compensated
    • 5 credit per hour for participating in a school level professional reading dialogue group
    • 15 credits for completing National Board Teacher


    • 5 credits for awarded grant
    • 1 credit per hour as an ADEPT peer evaluator, if not paid
    • 5 credits for chairing a school level committee such as Strategic Planning, Palmetto’s Finest, Exemplary Writing, Exemplary Reading, etc.

    Important information:

    • All certified staff employed full-time will beresponsible for obtaining 44 professional development hours.
    • Failure of a certified employee to meet the 44 hour requirement will be handled on an individual basis by the principal.
    • Certified staff must complete 15 hours of professional development credits each semester to be eligible for the designated release day.
    • Employee must register at all professional development activities.
    • Employee must keep professional development hour log and professional development credit logupdated regularly.
    • Forms should be submitted to the building principal at the evaluation conference.
    • Completion of the 44 professional development hours does not exempt certified employees fromattending required professional development credit hours.
    • Additional professional development creditopportunities not specified in this plan must have the approval of the principal.
    • Teachers who receive stipends or graduate credit will not receive professional development credits oraccumulate hours.

Last Modified on June 4, 2015