School attendance problems are best resolved between parent(s), student, and school officials. Lack of cooperation by a parent/guardian and/or unimproved attendance will result in referral to the District Attendance Supervisor. Attendance supervisors are required by the S. C. Compulsory Attendance School Law (Section 59-65-10) to enforce the law, which states every child of school age must be enrolled and regularly attending school.  (By law, a total of five (5) unlawful absences may be referred to Family Court or appropriate authorities for a review if a student has a history of poor attendance. This review could result in serious consequences.) 

    The School Intervention meeting may consists of administrators, teachers, parents/guardian and students.

    ·          Parent letter for conference at three (3) unlawful absences (tracking form developed)

    ·          Parent letter for continuing six (6) unlawful absences (District Attendance Supervisor notified)

    ·          District Intervention Conference at six (6) unlawful absences

    ·          Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) at seven (7) unlawful absences

    ·          Recommendation to Family Court or appropriate authorities at ten (10) unlawful absences

    Lawful absences include: valid excuse provided by a medical professional, principal approval, approved religious holiday, or a death in the family.

    Parents who vacation with school age children during the school year should notify the school of these plans.  The school days missed will be unlawful, but the student will be allowed to make up his/her work. Check with your individual school on time limits for completing work. Parents are advised that after ten (10) parent notes, medical notes will be required. In addition, the principal or his/her designee will be responsible for implementing and expediting the homebound programs for students experiencing a prolonged illness or injury requiring them to be absent from school.