No student shall:

    1.       Knowingly or intentionally possess, on school premises, school buses, or at official functions, narcotics, drugs, marijuana, depressants, stimulants, hallucinogenic drugs, or other controlled substances, and drug paraphanelia, unless obtained from or pursuant to a valid prescription or ordered by a practitioner.

    2.       Knowingly or intentionally possess, on school premises, school buses, or at official functions, beer, wine or distilled liquors.

    3.       Possess, on school premises, school buses, or at school functions, any uncontrolled medicine or prescribed medicine without reporting the fact of possession to the principal or homeroom teacher upon arrival at school.  The amount of  any uncontrolled medicine or prescribed medicine may be limited by the principal and/or homeroom teacher.

    4.       Any person who violates the provisions of Section 1 and 2 of the foregoing paragraphs shall be suspended, and the principal shall recommend expulsion for the remainder of the school year to the District Board of Trustees.  Any person who violates Section 3 of the foregoing paragraphs may be suspended, expelled, or subject to such other lesser penalty as determined to be appropriate.

    5.       School rules prohibit the distribution of any material (including narcotic drugs, marijuana, depressants, stimulants or hallucinogenic drugs, uncontrolled and prescribed drugs, medicines, beer, wine or liquors) at school without the written permission of the principal.  Violation of this rule may result in suspension, expulsion or other lesser penalty as deemed appropriate.

    6.       Students who come to school, or any school function, in an intoxicated condition or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or who conduct themselves in a disorderly or boisterous manner may be arrested for a misdemeanor under Section 16-17-530 S.C. code, as well as suspended and/or expelled from school.

    7.       If a student violates this alcohol or drug policy, the principal is asked to contact the legal guardian, the local police and to suspend the student from school.  Any alcohol or drugs taken from a student will be turned over to the police.

    8.       Students who are addicted to or dependent upon controlled substances may seek advice concerning such problem and obtain treatment without fear of arrest or being reported to law enforcement authorities.