• Technology

    Berry Shoals Intermediate School utilizes comprehensive technology throughout the school.  Our telephone system is Internet Protocol based, allowing the school technology coordinator to adapt the phone system in a variety of ways. Teachers use an automated media retrieval system to reserve and access the large inventory of videos and tapes.  Each classroom has two or more computers for teacher and student use.  The classroom teacher workstation has the capability to project from the computer monitor to the classroom television.  There are cameras in all 43 academic classrooms as well as 16 surveillance cameras scattered throughout the building.


    D5 Live


    D5Live is District Five's one-to-one initiative, aiming to put one device in the hands of every student.  The program is designed to transform teaching and learning, both inside and outside, the classroom.  As part of the program, District Five is equipping all students with a Dell Touch laptop, first starting with grades 3-8 in the 2016-17 school year, and continuing with 9th-12th grade students in 2017-18.
    We believe all students should be armed with 21st century skills, like critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity, that will prepare them for success in the workforce.  That is exactly what D5Live will do:  giving students a powerful tool that will increase engagement and excitement for learning, while providing them access to a vast global network of information online.


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    Berry Shoals has two computer labs, currently supervised by teacher assistants.  All students attend computer lab twice per week.  A flex lab schedule is also available for additional time when classes are working on special projects. We believe that: 
    • All learners, including educators, should be able to use technology effectively as a fundamental tool for learning through research, communication, and expression.

    • Authentic uses of technology must be seamlessly blended within disciplines to enhance student ability to meet or exceed state standards

    • Skillful use of technology supports the development of process skills such as flexibility, adaptability, critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration, which are essential to success in our rapidly changing information age.

    • It is imperative for all students to have access to information via technology as a basis for lifelong learning.

    Students utilize several networked instructional programs designed to support SC Standards--Study Island, Type to Learn Keyboarding Tutor, Accelerated Reader, Mathia & Invision Math, as well as the complete Microsoft Office Premium Suite of programs including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access and Front Page.  In addition, every computer at BRSH has access to the Internet for research, training, communication and exploration, filtered by Dell Sonic Wall©.  Such Internet usage is always under direct adult supervision and supports the Technology Standards adopted by District Five for Students and Teachers.