• Music: An Exploratory Approach

    Music is primarily an aural art form which can only be better understood and enjoyed once one develops the aural discrimination and performance skills necessary for music literacy and creativity.  Music should not be a passive experience, but one in which the student is very actively involved in music making – singing, playing instruments, composing, sometimes dancing and movement. 

    The choral and general music classes will be taught from a discipline-based approach.  Students are expected to come to class each day prepared to learn and work.  Students will receive daily experiences in music reading, performance, music history and listening, and processes for writing simple musical compositions.  When and where appropriate, an emphasis will also be placed on integrating music with other art forms and other subjects. 

    The study of music during the intermediate school years is exploratory, and the program is designed to present students with experiences and opportunities to discover their individual potential.  These opportunities will hopefully lead to life-long learning and music making.



    The Goals of the Music Program are: 


    1. to develop skills and understanding in music literacy through active music-making

    2. to develop aural discrimination skills

    3. to develop an awareness and experience of the process of composition

    4. to develop an awareness of the developmental nature of music through history from the Medieval period to the present day (All genres and styles)

    5. to develop an understanding of the relationships between music and other disciplines outside of the arts

    6. to develop an awareness of and an openness or tolerance to the music of varied cultures

    7. to develop a desire for further study for life-long communication through performance