Creative Dramatics
    Creative Dramatics classes promote expression, creativity, discipline, listening, and communication skills.  Classes include poems, physical warm-ups, mime technique, improvisations, focus and concentration exercises, juggling, body movement, vocal delivery, ensemble activities, and theater games.  Students are provided opportunities to express themselves, and to develop confidence and creativity.  Creative Dramatics students learn to: work well in groups, listen well, participate, follow directions, use their imaginations, use their voices to communicate clearly, use gestures and body movements, generate new ideas quickly, and show enthusiasm for the various activities. 

    Drama Room

    Creative Dramatics should pique the students’ curiosity; provide novelty and variation around a central idea; create a sense of adventure; stimulate creativity; and provide an opportunity for growth in the knowledge of self.  Cooperative learning groups in which the student participates with others and shares ideas and experiences are the stage upon which students try out newly learned processes.
    Melissa Rhodes is the Creative Dramatics teacher at Berry Shoals.