• Priorities For Acceptance

    All applications received prior to the deadline will be considered and priority will be given as follows:

    1. Students residing within the designated school attendance area.

    2. Returning students who continue to meet all requirements for the school, or school(s) within the same feeder system.

    3. Students whose parent or legal guardian is assigned to the school as his or her primary place of employment.

    4. Siblings of students residing in the same household already enrolled in the school/feeder system, provided that siblings meet the requirements for the school.

    5. Specific needs and/or desires of the applying family.

    6. Students whose parent or legal guardian is an employee of District Five, but not of the requested school.

    School choice requests may be denied based on, but not limited to, the following:

    -applying student participates in a program that is only located at one school

    (District Five Schools has specialized programs at several locations. The District will not create duplicate programs at additional locations in order to satisfy school choice requests)

    -lack of overall capacity in the requested school

    -lack of adequate space in the grade level of the requesting student at the requested school

    -excessive disciplinary issues and/or absenteeism at the student’s assigned school

    -application received after the advertised deadline

Last Modified on January 31, 2020