Code JFB-R Issued 3/13

    Administrative Rule


    School Choice
    Limited School Choice attempts to provide parents/legal guardians that are legal residents of Spartanburg School District Five with the means to enroll their children in a specific school based on an identified need.  Choice requests will be granted based on mitigating circumstances and the enrollment capacity of the requested school.

    Optimum enrollment capacity will not be exceeded for any school nor will students zoned to a school be displaced due to school choice requests.

    When requesting school choice, parents/legal guardians must agree to transport the student; ensure punctuality/daily attendance, and behavior acceptable to school administration; and be accessible to the school as needed.  Students who are approved for school choice must remain at the school of choice until the end of the school year.  The board and the district administration supports the implementation of limited school choice as determined by the guidelines and application process.  Approval is granted on a year to year basis.  

    Enrollment and attendance information.

Last Modified on February 9, 2021