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    River Ridge Elementary
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    Ready for a super year of learning!
    5960 Reidville Road
    Moore, SC  29369
    Phone 864-949-7620
    Fax 864-949-7627
     Dr. Glenda Bigby, Principal

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  • *The state requires that students make up 3 days, which are built into our calendar.  The changes to our end of year calendar will be May 30 will now be a full day for students and May 31 and June 3 will be 1/2 days for students.  If we should miss more days, our local board "may" forgive up to 3 days and any beyond that would have to be forgiven by the State Board of Education.
    • October 11 is being made up on February 18.
    • December 10 is being made up on March 29.
    • December 11 is being made up on June 3, which will be 1/2 day for students.
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  • *Congratulations to River Ridge's Mary Pearson. Mrs. Pearson has been named the school's Support Employee of the Year. Congratulations also to River Ridge's Hillary Brock. Mrs. Brock has been named the school's Teacher of the Year.

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  • *The instructional day at River Ridge begins at 7:40 am. Students are dismissed at 2:25 pm.

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