According to South Carolina Code of Laws and the Code of Regulations, every student in a public school setting is required to have a valid South Carolina Certificate of Immunization (DHEC 1148) or one of the following exemptions on file:
    *Medical Contraindication
    *Religious Exemption
    *Special Exemptions
    Immunization certificates for school can be obtained through your child's medical provider or through the County Health Department.  All children entering 4 and 5 year old kindergarten should have booster shots before registering for school.  If your child is delinquent on school shots once school begins, you will be contacted by the school nurse.
    Each January, DHEC publishes the "Immunization Requirements for Schools and Child Day Care Facilities."  Immunization requirements are posted on DHEC's website at www.scdhec.gov/health/disease/immunization/immunizations.htm