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  • Parenting Workshop

    On Wednesday, February 17th at 6:30pm, Thornwell, a non-profit organization, is offering a one hour virtual workshop entitled “Who’s In Charge?” for parents, caregivers, or anyone interested. Attendees will learn techniques on how to avoid power struggles with their children and walk away feeling empowered to tackle the challenge of parenting. 

    Attendees should register using the following link:  Parenting Workshop Registration - Thornwell

    THW Parenting Workshop Flyer

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  • All-State/REgion Band

    Congratulatulations to Karly Hough (bassoon) and Keenan Foster (trumpet). Both of them were selected to the 2021 SC All State band! 

    Also...a second shout out to the following students for their placements in the SC Region 6 band! 


    Region Band

    Molly Kate Havens JR Flute 05

    Alaina Ramsey JR Clarinet 11
    Jennifer McIlwain JR Clarinet 12

    Kollin Sok JR Alto Sax 03

    Madison Bagwell JR Trumpet 05
    Jake Degler JR Trumpet 08
    Alex Montoya JR Trumpet 15
    Anika Lamb JR Trumpet 16
    Jayden Phillips JR Trumpet A08

    Henriette Brenner JR Horn 01
    Damian Lopez JR Horn A01

    Ryan Cook JR Tuba 03
    Samuel Bonneval JR Tuba 08

    Chandler Hutcheson JR Percussion 03
    Buckley Brooks JR Percussion 05
    Logan Alley JR Percussion 07
    Tristan Pearson JR Percussion A01

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  • 2021 SC Band Directors Association Virtual Conference

    The D. R. Hill Percussion ensemble has been chosen to perform at the 2021 SC Band Directors Association Virtual Conference! 

    It is a great honor to be chosen to perform for our colleagues and is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our students. 
    Members of this ensemble will include:
    Alley, Logan
    Blanton, Landen
    Brooks, Buckley
    Hutcheson, Chandler
    Milici, Luke
    Pearson, Tristan
    Poole, Diem
    Alling, Tobyn
    Cummings, Jonathan
    Jennings, Ja'Marion
    McIlwain, Gabriel
    Morgan, Riley
    Demumbreum, Jackson
    Lynn, Savannah 
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  • Students of the Month for January 2021

    From left to right and top to bottom:

    Ella Zhuk

    Daniel Maksmitsov

    Ethan Parsons

    Zoeyonna McCrary

    Allen Hammett

    Emily Boychenko

    Allie McMakin

    Antony Melnik

    Bethany Pittman

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  • Nearly 110K #schoolcounselors provide students with academic, college/career and social/emotional development. School counselors celebrate all students. This week we celebrate D.R. Hill's School Counselors Danielle Akey and Michelle Zwicker! #NSCW21

    School Counseling Week

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  • Region Band

    Congratulations to the following students for making the 2021 SC Region 6 Band: 

    Molly Kate Havens 
    Karly Hough 
    Alaina Ramsey 
    Jennifer McIlwain
    Kollin Sok 
    Keenan Foster 
    Madison Bagwell
    Jake Degler 
    Alex Montoya 
    Anika Lamb 
    Henriette Brenner 
    Damian Lopez 
    Ryan Cook
    Samuel Bonneval 
    Chandler Hutcheson 
    Buckley Brooks 
    Logan Alley
    Tristan Pearson 
    Also, the following students placed high enough to qualify for the state audition:
    Molly Kate Havens 
    Karly Hough 
    Kollin Sok  
    Keenan Foster 
    Madison Bagwell
    Jake Degler
    Henriette Brenner 
    Ryan Cook   
    Chandler Hutcheson 
    Buckley Brooks 
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  • Orchestra Students Make SC Region One Orchestra

    Please join us in congratulating the following students on making it into the 2021 Region One Orchestra:
    Violin 1:  Violin 9 Gabrielle Gamboa,  Violin 12 Damayanti Santiago-Acevedo,  Violin 13 Mathew Ramsey
    Violin 2:   Violin 26 Brittany Phan
    Viola:   Viola 3 Scarlett Rabadan
    These students worked very diligently and their hard work paid off!  
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  • Spring Sports

    Girls Soccer

    Tryouts will be held February 1st and 2nd

    Location: Beech Springs

    Time: 4-5:30pm


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  • Love Week

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  • Soccer

    Anyone interested in playing Soccer?  If so, then go to the following link.  There, you will find information and a form to complete if you want to play.  
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  • Peachjar